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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PST

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program defines an alternative process through which individuals with severe disabilities can join the city's permanent workforce without going through the standard civil service examination process and some of you may or may not be aware that actually i became disabled on the job working for the city and county of san francisco 20 years ago and this civil service rule was the mechanism that allowed me to make my transition to my new job as a building inspect tore so the city's efforts to hire and retain people with disabilities and an opportunity to encourage the city to do more in that area and as soon as i know i'll send an e-mail so you will have
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an opportunity to participate if that's something that interests you i thank you for your attention to my director's report and at this point i'd like to turnover the microphone and she would like to tell you about some of the trends that she's seen in these last few months so thank you. >> good afternoon councilmembers. in september and october our office received about 270 inquiries about 85 percent of these inquiries were from the public and 15 percent from city departments. we received 8 compliants 22 curb ramp requests and 22 for accommodations. we believe it was due to a flyer that was mailed by the department of public works informing the public about the curb ramp
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request program. >> and the make an mayor's office on disability was also part of that. >> the majority of our complaints were about non compliant barricades and damaged curb ramp requests. and another denied entry with their service dog and pedestrian signals. most of the inquiries from people requesting information about football affordable housing and how to file reasonable accommodation requests on housing. we noticed more people dropping into our office and asking for information about financial assistance, discounted or free
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transportation and employment and housing opportunities. we also had a referral success story that i would like to inform you about. a couple months back we had a client who came by our office who who was homeless and unemployed he came to our office and received housing and resources information and he now reports that he's housed and employed full-time and he wanted to thank our office and he was actually on the way to the bank to cash his first check and we wanted to give a shout out to tool works that was the referral we had given the client and they were able to find work for him. and this is a great example we're primarily the ada referral office and this is a great example on how
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we partner with community agencies to help us assist the public in that way in order for them to live more independently. >> thank you hearth heather. >> thank you. >> there's no public comment at this point. there's public comment later in the meeting for general comment on -- that can be made later at the end of the meeting. okay. then. go ahead and approach the microphone. >> sir, we are not under strict
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compliance was we are a passive body so we allow adequate public comment. i'm a baby that was delivered with forceps and as a pedestrian i share your opinion about curb ramps and uneven sidewalks. i hope this counsel will aggressively work with the board of supervisor on stricter
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enforcement of skateboards and bicycles and yes sometimes wheelchair user on sidewalks. just 3 days ago as i was walking up sutter street a wheelchair user barely kept from striking me and i think there should be outrage in the disabled community that when you are in a motor ized vehicle you are in a vehicle. give precedence to pedestrian on sidewalks in part that wheelchair user and so many skateboards and bicycles that have come close to striking me over the last decade are merely sound less such that people
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with disabilities like me who have hearing failures can't hear them approaching and there needs to be better rules of the road that bicyclists have to follow and so do wheelchair user. i do not want to become a patient with a traumatic brain injury from being struck by somebody who is inconsiderate to pedestrians on uneven sidewalks. >> it is becoming very un orthodox meeting yes go ahead jessica. >> this is just a 2 second comment thank you for mentioning the meeting on elevators. if anyone is interested in coming please let me know. if you don't have my contact information you can get it from car la.
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>> housing resolution discussion. as many of you know the counsel has been working hard on the housing resolution since the midsummer that was after a year of seeing presentations from various city agencies, community based organizations and advocates and the disabled community about housing issues. we've been in discussions with the mayor's office on issues about housing and senior disability action and independent living resource center and other agencies so we're moving forward with this. we'll have first of all have denise read the housing resolution and then the counsel will discuss it. >> thank you. resolution 2013-0
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1 resolution recommending guiding principaling for the construction maintenance and financing of permanently affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities and seniors where as this housing has been an issue that affects the disability community and the city of san francisco and where as statewide funding for football affordable and accessible housing has severely diminished and we're asking that housing for people with disabilitied is an urgent need
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and where as the mayor's disability counsel has received public testimony from community members with disabilities and from their advocates who shared their frustration and disappointment with the state of existing housing and the many challenges they face acquiring affordable and accessible housing. now and therefore be it resolved that additional funding sources for affordable and accessible housing be explored in particular the mayor's disability counsel urges the mayor's office of housing and community development to collaborate with the california department of housing and community development other federal funding sources, and affordable housing sponsors to access
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additional resources for the construction of new and reservation of existing accessible and affordable housing as it be further resolved that the mayor's disability counsel urges the mayor's office of housing and community development to require whatever possible affordable housing sponsors to set minimum income requirements as low as fees ible for continued financial health of the building and the possibility of multiple subsidiaries to allow extremely low income individuals to qualify and be it further resolved that permanent housing to the maximum extent possible while assuring that affordable and accessible housing has
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created cost efficiency so that residents remain in their geographic communities and be it further resolved that the construction of new permanently affordable housing as well as the rehabilitation of existing buildings that maximizes accessibility including reliable working elevators should be a city priority and to construct affordable efficiency studios and be it further resolved that stricter enforcement procedures be developed for the maintenance of existing features including elevators and sro's and further resolved that the city pursue incentives or other creative financial mechanisms to help
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property owners obtain funding to main the features especially those that have contracts with the city and county of san francisco and be if further resolved that the new low income housing be constructed with design features that promote and enhance the mental health of tenants such as the use of natural light full spectrum lighting features and cheerful color schemes and living spaces and further resolved that this housing be allocated for people with multiple chemical sensitivities and smoke-free and constructed with environmentally safe materials such as and let it further be resolved that the
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city pursue the development and maintenance of a single accessible and affordable housing portal to access information in order to find appropriate housing opportunities and further resolved that the mdc urges the mayor's office of housing and community development to create a community input mechanism where in all stakeholders including disability and senior advocates are involved in policy decisions pertaining to the permanent affordability of accessible housing in the city. the end. [laughter]. >> thank you. that was enough. okay. i have mr. zarda . >> request to approve.
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>> second. >> is there any discussion among councilmembers? >> you guys are approving this now? >> there's a motion to approve, yes. >> we've already had a second. councilmember seconded so now it's the time for discussion of the housing resolution. are there any comments from councilmembers? okay. is there any public comment? >> on the health services planning counsel and it occurred to me while you were reading that that one of the things that might be advantageous for this new housing for, seniors and aging
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would be to grow fresh vegetables to put in plots because food as we know is getting very expensive and fresh vegetables would help with nutrition and for diet would help prolong their lives so that's another area to look at maybe and that's all i have to say. >> thank you. other public comments? >> you are all sick of hearing from me. first i want to really thank and applaud all the work of the mayor's office and mayor's disability counsel for putting together what we think is a really excellent resolution and i notice there's some talk about softening some of the language and it looks
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like it's pretty clear about what needs to happen not too soft to make a difference so thank you for your work on that. we talked about this resolution yesterday and car la johnson brought it up and a couple of excellent points raised and one was about including something about food access which has come up twice already today at the meeting so maybe another further resolve that -- i don't have the language in my head -- but something about that kitchen facilities are built with universal design that -- there's a bunch of things that could be added with food access that's important what we're talking about housing and recognizing the crisis that we're in around evictions and
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displacement so something about funding for eviction prevention counseling and also something a little bit stronger about really asking the city to explore you know there's been conversation about a moratorium on evictions until we can figure out what to do about this crisis so -- sorry i guess a third option exploring the ellis act evictions so i'd urge the counsel to include these items. thank you. >> thank you, jessica. any other public comment on the housing resolution? >> i would like to -- i should have filled out a speaker card. my apologies. i commend you guys for this resolution. i'm 63 and one day i may well need
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access to housing foreseen i , seniors myself. i currently live in a 4 story building where the elevator frequently goes out so i sympathize with the statement. having reliable working elevators is a priority not only for people with disabilities but for every san franciscan and to the extent it should be made a priority, i think possibly we might need new legislation to the board of supervisors that requires landlords to repair elevators in a timely manner. there have
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been incidents where i've been left for weeks with an onset of having an onset of copd, having to climb stairs and it's becoming a struggle so if you could work with the board of supervisors to require landlords to fix them promptly that would be a good first move or a good additional move. and second, if it's to become a priority, it needs to become a priority in the city's budging plan. the mayor needs to start setting aside money in the general fund to address this and i think this body should strongly work with the mayor's budget office to make sure that the city starts budging for this and not cow towing to it.
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it's a priority but there has to be a marriage of the two. it has to be a priority and it has to be funded. >> thank you. councilmember wong, harriet wong. >> i was going to mention that in this low income housing that community spaces -- it's really important and now i see it in one of these resolutions here. because i think there's even, like, an sro on market and i think basically people go home and they just go back to their room and see that's a really sad way to live so community space and what the gentleman mentioned about the gardening
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you know the little spaces for gardening can mean a lot because that's also physical exercise for the person and -- but i do see it here so i think that's really good and that's what i had a question about. so thank you. >> is there any other public comment on housing? okay. >> good afternoon. i really do not want to have -- i know excuse me, i know he's a very
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good driver but they are -- i really do not want -- we want to have a place in this city everybody be calm and nice to other people. i know this is not about the strike nothing about that but and i want to say thank you for helping out the bart and bart was on strike -- >> i have to interrupt you i'm sorry in the interest of time we were talking about the housing resolution at this
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time. >> oh i'm sorry i didn't know. >> it's okay. we're past number 3 but there's additional public comment later. >> oh i'm sorry i didn't know what number we were on. >> would you like me to keep your speaker card for later? it's okay. >> i didn't know what we were talking about. >> it's all right thank you. thank you for your comments. are we finished with public comment? councilmembers have any other comments? then we shall have a vote. the motion is on the table to approval housing resolution 13-1. shall we do role call? >> councilmember hair i wong?
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>> approved. >> denise. >> approved. >> approved. >> approved. >> co-chair a del wilson? >> approve. >> councilmember roland wong? >> approved. >> thank you very much councilmembers and we'll take a brief break now and we'll be
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back. we're going to they heard you. can the control room put the powerpoint presentation up, please, for mr. has kell. haskell? thank you. >> good afternoon councilmembers i'm happy to be here i'm the long-term care principal investigator and i'm also the facility facilitator i'm here today to present the long-term integration strategic plan for san francisco. this is the result of a great deal of work. i'm going to give you background information on why it was prepared and then tell you something about what the recommendations are to be
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accomplished in the next two years so this is background for you. information about what the long-term care design group is recommending and a heads up about what's coming because this is a big deal. so let me start out. this is a presentation that ordinarily would be given by a long-term care design group member this plan was prepared by the long-term care design group members for the department of aging and adult services i am not on the design group i facilitated that work and i'm presenting it to you today. next slide, please. oh, it's me. next slide please. [laughter]. okay. what is the purpose of the long-term integration strategic plan?
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it's to prepare for the transition to long-term care integration in san francisco and to determine what is required to improve the provision of long-term services and supports for medical eligible older adult and see adults are disabilities. this is targeting people who are what are called dual eligible eligible for both medicare or medical and medicare. what is long-term care integration? what does that phrase mean? it means the integration of primary and acute care services with long-term services and supports as well as institutional care. so we're talking about bringing the medical model together with the social services model, and they
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will both be provided by managed care health plans to this population, the dual eligibles, those who are eligible for med ical and medicare so an older population as well as a population with disabilities as well as populations who are older so it's a mix. this plan was prepared because california has instituted a coordinated care initiative. in january of 2012 governor jerry brown introduced the coordinated care initiative. its purpose across the state of california is to improve coordinate and coordination of service delivery for consumer satisfaction of
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the groups i mentioned and at the same time substantial savings so they want to shift where services are provided. i should tell you that the coordinated care initiative is tied to the affordable care act. this is an implementation of an aspect of the affordable care act in the state of california. the affordable care act is intended to reduce the overall costs of healthcare and 15 states, including california, are designing integrated care models while the coordinated care initiative is california's demonstration project under the ac a.


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